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Dj-Brand0's News

Posted by Dj-Brand0 - April 4th, 2011

Haven't been on here in ages. I've still been making song, but haven't been half asses enough to post them here on newgrounds. If you wish to hear my music add me on skype at xbrando93x or drop me a message on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/brandon.longle y

i should make a page for myself. that'd make things soo much easier. :3

Anyway, that's all.

Also I changed this post cos one of my mates pretty much lol'd at me for having ae here on my front page.

-Cheers Brando

Posted by Dj-Brand0 - April 26th, 2010

Guys join me on this new game me and some friends are playing.

Astroempires, its like a space game where u build bases to take over the galaxy. Trust me its fun playing with friends.

Here's the link

Join our guild and help us own everyone :P I can help u out

**Remember to join the galaxy Helion H55 or else you'll be nowhere near our bases.

-Cheers Brando

Posted by Dj-Brand0 - March 28th, 2010

Hey everyone,

I'm on holidays now, it feels great, so much of a stress relief from school.
I've been doin some fruity loops lately, nothing complete just been experimenting.

Playing with Bigg Fatt Bass for people who really enjoy that one, and also creating some new tunes to potentially use in a song.

Other than that yeah, check my group i made on facebook :D

Home-Alone-and-I-Hear-a-Noise-I-Get-Re ady-to-Knock-Some-Fker-Out/10468809289 6114?ref=ts

Thats all from me.


Yo Newgrounds, help a brother out and check my group

Posted by Dj-Brand0 - January 5th, 2010

Today's my birthday, im turning 17 which is pretty madd nearly 18 and a free man. so far had an alright day but yeah also HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, it's a bit late but its better late than never.

also submitted a new song/clip whatever called Humanoid [Hardstyle] it's something new from me, not sure if it'll ever get finished but at the least it's something new from me.

Everyone have a great year and a new generation.

Cheers Brando

Happy NY & My Birthday

Posted by Dj-Brand0 - October 14th, 2009

Guess what - I've finally made something decent on flash. All those years and have never made anything official.

Here it is, its an animation i did for studio arts. It's about a guy who goes for a job interview and finds out the boss is an insane retard.

Ask me more about the story I might be able to say but i wont be able to describe it in detail.

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.ph p?v=1262041313887&ref=nf

Its a facebook upload atm. ill up it on ng later. got homework to do.

cya enjoy.


Yo :D

Posted by Dj-Brand0 - September 23rd, 2009

Yay it's holidays. :D Time to get my ass into gear and finish some homework.
Heaps of people here expect me to make songs, and finish them but really.. it's hard to decide whether to make songs or do my homework lol. But there's its just no rewarding enough to make songs and then have me get behind in homework.

Now is like the time where I gotta get my ass into gear for next year because it's gonna be hell.

So yeah, I think people here expect too much - I'm no professional, I'm only a 16 y/o student who has a hobby of making music. I'll hop on fruity loops when i have some time but don't expect me to be like Kazmo or F-777 or anything, you'd have to be dreaming.

So yeah. Just wanted to say that.

If u wanna chat add me on msn, hardstyle_brandon@hotmail.com. I'm pretty much on whenever my comp is on lol.

Unrelated, here's something I thought was damn funny my friend showed me.

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Posted by Dj-Brand0 - July 31st, 2009

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Here's a video I found on youtube and I thought it'd be good just to chuck up here on my newgrounds, since he went to the trouble of making it he deserves some credit :D


As you may have seen I've put up 2 new WiPs just thought everyone wanted to be updated with the stuff I've been up to. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about newgrounds. I have to prioritize and making music is getting overuled ALOT lately.

Also broke up with my girlfriend so well, that's not too nice but yeahh, there's a song for her.

Sounds pretty nice.

Just wanted to give everyone an update since I haven't posted for ages.

Cya then. Take it easy :D


Posted by Dj-Brand0 - May 30th, 2009

Hey everyone, I've figured out that I have to bloody study for school now if I want to do any good. I've got exams in a week or so so I really have to study. Lately I've been making some music but nothing complete, so yeah. I haven't stopped or anything just ya know. Prioritizing ey.

If I want to get good with school I can't ride along borderline at the moment.

So yeah, I should be making more in the holidays. But yeah, gotta get my life in order :P Social and school.

To yous who like to read my posts. Thanks guys. :D If you want talk add me on msn, I'm on pretty much all the time.


Cya then.

Posted by Dj-Brand0 - April 13th, 2009

Hey everyone, felt like updating my blog with a new post. So here's my latest.

This weekend was Easter and we went up to Lake Eildon, which is damnnn empty, but still there was enough to swim and go fishing. Yeah anyway, we went up there Friday morning and we ended up in a caravan park lol. We were supposed to go out in the bush but like.. we had a look and it was way too rocky.. so we went back n found a caravan park. Lucky there was only like 2 spots left. But yerrrr.. Was pretty good.. had some fires, met some people. Got home today, didn't feel too good, but lol yous don't care about that :P

This week I gotta do heaps of homework, get better, catch up with friends.. and a few more things.

I wanna get time to make some songs but I got other stuff to do at the moment.

Went fishin today caught 3 nice size Murray crays. They were alright eating.. but yabbies shitloads better

Hope ya had a good one.



Posted by Dj-Brand0 - February 17th, 2009

How yous all going? Keeping cool :D

Dealing with the homework / work / mass of free time? :D

Atm I'm working on a collab with Scoop. Sounds pretty nice so far! :D
Also I really want to finish a new whole make of Orochimarus Hardstyle. Since I finally installed Orchestral Dance into my nexus, I have a whole load of new classical samples. Which is freaking Niiicccee!


My Best Songs:
The Beginning - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /202508
[Hard] Energy Remix - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /188956
Feeling Trance - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /157013
Hard Soundz - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /182165

Omg i got nothing. I need to finish more songs.

Do you shuffle? Show us your vids.

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I took this today, I think I'm not bad :] Heh.