Yo :D

2009-10-14 07:28:10 by Dj-Brand0

Guess what - I've finally made something decent on flash. All those years and have never made anything official.

Here it is, its an animation i did for studio arts. It's about a guy who goes for a job interview and finds out the boss is an insane retard.

Ask me more about the story I might be able to say but i wont be able to describe it in detail.

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.ph p?v=1262041313887&ref=nf

Its a facebook upload atm. ill up it on ng later. got homework to do.

cya enjoy.


Yo :D


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2009-10-25 16:39:54

Hey, that IS somewhat decent! =D

Dj-Brand0 responds:

oo thanks :D


2009-11-25 19:45:24

Good flash!

Oh by da way, I'm back. You know how I left, and The-Adrian[coincidentally below me] was my new account? Well I'm back now.

Your#1 fan