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Found it pretty funny but the thing i found the best was the "Your ad code is working...." at the start on the loader.. Yeah it might be working.. BUT WHERE ARE THE ADS XD LOL


Nice movie :D lol I saw one of my songs up on top 30 AP when you were talking about that. Seemed kinda funny lol.

Keep it up.



I really loved the song and the animation, really inspiring. I was going to say this is very much like oh oh sexy vampire but hey ITS THE SAME PERSON XD haha.

Great work, don't stop just put those headphones on your heart.



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Good work, this has an awesome concept and I think you should continue with this. Make more levels making your virus more destructable and durable to white blood cells. Add in other things that can kill viruses.. like well.. you know.

Expand on this and it'll be awesome, kind of like your own Fishy except as a virus in your body.


Keep it up


Good work.

Nice work for a first. My top score was about 1580 after about 3 or 4 shots. Nice game. Would have been a great came with better graphics or maybe even just a different theme.

You dont need good graphics for it to be a good game. Maybe if you gave it a pen and paper theme it'd be cool. Pretty simple and little graphics work needed. You just need a theme.

Keep up the good work, Be great to see more. I think you should work on improving this game further.


-Cheers Brando

Lordsalem responds:

Thanks alot Dj-Brand0, my first 10 review :). I know what you mean with the graphics, it needs those little details in like some grass sticking out and stuff. ut for my first game i wanted to keep it nice and simple :). Iam working on a new project and i will send you the link when i submit it.
Thanks for the review.

Hey :D

Hey Deadman! Nice game you have here, I'm glad you got rid of the 'wind' that you had in the first game, that made me rage heaps. I'm also happy that I finished this one :D Was hard and frustrating but I eventually got it :D The darkness wasn't annoying it just gave more difficulty. The music was alright but there was one that got on my nerves. It was the Memories of yesterday song. Since I was stuck on the levels that the song was on, it was an annoying song. lol. Overall this was a good improvement. Good work, love to see more from you.
10/10 5/5

-Cheers Brando

deadman245 responds:

I'm glad you liked this one. I tried to take everyones review from my last game into consideration on this one. So I botched most of the darkness, kept the controls stable, added some new features, and overall made it better. I tried to make this one easier as well. Still frustrating, but with enough perserverance you can beat it. I'm sorry the music got annoying though. I'll probably make a pause music button in the next one. Thanks for the review.

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Ahh I don't know what it is about this song, but I like it a lot! A lot of originality. Well done.

Great melody, chilling bass drops & lovely synths

GGould responds:

Thanks for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it!

Competely AMAZING! D:

Mate you amaze me. This is really awesome. The melody flows beautifully. It's completely epic!!


Nice man. Any updates on how it's been going? Sorry been really busy lately.

jbarnett responds:

i tweaked a few things, but nothing major. waitin for you to have some free time so we can crank this one out. also waiting for fl to stop glitching :/

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Haha thats awesome! :O
Seriously that's truly sweet work. you should be proud.

Again, what did you use to make this? Blender..? etc



millsa responds:

Cinema 4D, glad you like it :P
Its my background pic ^^

Wow :D

Hehe awesome. Kind of looks like a modern speaker. I <3 3d art :D

What did you use you make it?
Keep it up!


-Cheers Brando

millsa responds:

It was made in Cinema 4D, im glad you like it :)

I r maekz music nao?

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