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Good work, this has an awesome concept and I think you should continue with this. Make more levels making your virus more destructable and durable to white blood cells. Add in other things that can kill viruses.. like well.. you know.

Expand on this and it'll be awesome, kind of like your own Fishy except as a virus in your body.


Keep it up


Good work.

Nice work for a first. My top score was about 1580 after about 3 or 4 shots. Nice game. Would have been a great came with better graphics or maybe even just a different theme.

You dont need good graphics for it to be a good game. Maybe if you gave it a pen and paper theme it'd be cool. Pretty simple and little graphics work needed. You just need a theme.

Keep up the good work, Be great to see more. I think you should work on improving this game further.


-Cheers Brando

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Lordsalem responds:

Thanks alot Dj-Brand0, my first 10 review :). I know what you mean with the graphics, it needs those little details in like some grass sticking out and stuff. ut for my first game i wanted to keep it nice and simple :). Iam working on a new project and i will send you the link when i submit it.
Thanks for the review.

Hey :D

Hey Deadman! Nice game you have here, I'm glad you got rid of the 'wind' that you had in the first game, that made me rage heaps. I'm also happy that I finished this one :D Was hard and frustrating but I eventually got it :D The darkness wasn't annoying it just gave more difficulty. The music was alright but there was one that got on my nerves. It was the Memories of yesterday song. Since I was stuck on the levels that the song was on, it was an annoying song. lol. Overall this was a good improvement. Good work, love to see more from you.
10/10 5/5

-Cheers Brando

deadman245 responds:

I'm glad you liked this one. I tried to take everyones review from my last game into consideration on this one. So I botched most of the darkness, kept the controls stable, added some new features, and overall made it better. I tried to make this one easier as well. Still frustrating, but with enough perserverance you can beat it. I'm sorry the music got annoying though. I'll probably make a pause music button in the next one. Thanks for the review.


Fairly good tutorial, you gave great explanations and examples. It was easy to follow I learnt how to play, even though I've never played. Might have a look for it and give it a shot. Good work, keep it up. This should help some people in understanding what 'Go's all about.

-Cheers Brando

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Nice game, simple concept but fun!

Nice, very simple ball game for the Halloween time of the year. Top score 49! :D The top scorer who got 146 must have really practiced. I mean it wouldn't be hard to hit 150+ I just couldn't be bothered practicing for more than 2 minutes. Overall good game, but I don't think it's good enough to practice for a while trying to get highest score. 3/5 6/10


Pretty nice concept, actionscript looks to be made very well, no known glitches. You have good knowledge of games and good luck with your future pieces of work!
5/5 10/10 Interesting and motivating game.

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Thanks for putting my song in your flash game although I wasn't happy because I gave up before I got to actually hear my song... =\ This game has way too many glitches and you should actually fully play the game before you release it out. The controls are way too glitchy. For starters the actionscript doesn't reset after each frame so well, like I was annoyed with, the 'wind' pushed me to the goal but because I was still moving down I hit the next frame's wall which was located right in front of where I appeared. Also the darkness became very repetitive and the wind was also there for too long. It's hard enough doing it in the dark, but with wind also?.. hmm.. I was looking forward to hearing my own song in someone else's flash. but I am disappointed because I felt like quitting before getting to that stage. Also would have been really nice if you contacted me before making this, because I was about to do a re upload of my song but since now this is here, I cannot. =\ Don't worry =]
Maybe next time think of a better concept and a more realistic style of movement.
1/5 2/10, Don't take it harshly just I wished u would have pm'd me first.

deadman245 responds:

Ah, I'm sorry I forgot to ask you. And I know it has many, many glitches. It was only my second ever try at flash. As for your music I found it was deserving to be played at the final and hardest level. But I agree it is hard getting there. Very glitchy as well. Thank you for your opinion I know my game wasn't too great. Sorry if I caused you any trouble and thanks for the review.

I r maekz music nao?

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