2009-04-13 06:41:59 by Dj-Brand0

Hey everyone, felt like updating my blog with a new post. So here's my latest.

This weekend was Easter and we went up to Lake Eildon, which is damnnn empty, but still there was enough to swim and go fishing. Yeah anyway, we went up there Friday morning and we ended up in a caravan park lol. We were supposed to go out in the bush but like.. we had a look and it was way too rocky.. so we went back n found a caravan park. Lucky there was only like 2 spots left. But yerrrr.. Was pretty good.. had some fires, met some people. Got home today, didn't feel too good, but lol yous don't care about that :P

This week I gotta do heaps of homework, get better, catch up with friends.. and a few more things.

I wanna get time to make some songs but I got other stuff to do at the moment.

Went fishin today caught 3 nice size Murray crays. They were alright eating.. but yabbies shitloads better

Hope ya had a good one.




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2009-04-15 08:28:35
couldnt find your new song or what ever :(
maybe im ujst blind XD

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Lol you should find it easy now :D


2009-04-20 17:02:35

I see a typical air floatable boat, with an tube. Boat+tube+water=Ultimate Fun! :D (also see allot of female specimen). >8)

But yeah I hope you had a good time there, and also hope you are better now. :P
I'd never knew you loved those kind of lobsters, I never tried those myself though.
Still personally I think they aren't that good lol. I'll stay with potatoes, and meat.
Love your new song, as described in the review. ;)
And may god give you more spare time, to catch up with friends, lol. :D

Take care, Ian. ;)

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Lol it was fun camping and shit but those aren't my friends in that pic lol.

They're my cousins.


2009-04-21 14:32:42


Forget what I just said then. :P
These things always happen to me, now don't they..? >.<

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Hahaha ROFL yeah. >.>

I wouldn't hang out with people like that. Except for my cousin on the right, she's Angela and she's fken funny. The one on the far right is my mum and the one under me is my sister and the one to the right is my other cousin and shes a fat bitch. lol


2009-04-24 23:59:48


Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks mate! I didn't forget :D I've been away this weekend.


2010-06-21 09:33:58

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