Hey :D

2009-07-31 03:21:41 by Dj-Brand0

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Here's a video I found on youtube and I thought it'd be good just to chuck up here on my newgrounds, since he went to the trouble of making it he deserves some credit :D


As you may have seen I've put up 2 new WiPs just thought everyone wanted to be updated with the stuff I've been up to. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about newgrounds. I have to prioritize and making music is getting overuled ALOT lately.

Also broke up with my girlfriend so well, that's not too nice but yeahh, there's a song for her.

Sounds pretty nice.

Just wanted to give everyone an update since I haven't posted for ages.

Cya then. Take it easy :D



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2009-07-31 05:16:27

yay u. i hope watever u do is blessed with...with...wi...HAHA OMG!...omg...omg thats so hilarious!...ahuh...ahuh...o my god! u thought i cared! oooooooh good times...nah i hope everythin works out fine...

Dj-Brand0 responds:

the funny thing is u do care :P or else why'd you be leavin a comment.


2009-07-31 05:17:23

yahay for me i honestly have nothin better to do. :)

Dj-Brand0 responds:

maybe get off newgrounds and do something constructive, like i just did. Just got back from playing 6 hours of hard basketball, I'm stuffed.


2009-07-31 19:19:34

I like tomatoes. Do you like tomatoes? Cuz I like tomatoes.

I'm a Grammar Nazi, so please use proper grammar or I will kill you.


2009-08-01 16:52:59

well well.... I hope Dis Brings teh Beginning Of ur Sucess


2009-08-28 16:28:33

Good that you did that for your Xgirlfriend :) and by the way I LOVE THAT SONG! :D and good with the new Updates as well :) your the best dude ^^


2009-09-13 19:01:29

Sorry you broke up with your girlfriend. At least you're not me, I found out that the girl I was going to ask out had a boyfriend that just happened to be my worst enemy last year, and he's short. She's 5'4, and he's like 4'7. Now it gets REALLY fun teasing her about it.

And after I found out, I heard a, "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiii, Adrian"..... And yes, of course she was ugly. She made a heart with her hands.

So wait, the pretty girl doesn't like me, but the ugly one does? Don't end up like me.


2009-09-13 19:01:59

And yes, this happens, CONSISTENTLY.


2009-09-16 20:59:29

i was at the brink of breaking-up with my friend because he's... whatever never mind. :|