2009-05-30 00:48:05 by Dj-Brand0

Hey everyone, I've figured out that I have to bloody study for school now if I want to do any good. I've got exams in a week or so so I really have to study. Lately I've been making some music but nothing complete, so yeah. I haven't stopped or anything just ya know. Prioritizing ey.

If I want to get good with school I can't ride along borderline at the moment.

So yeah, I should be making more in the holidays. But yeah, gotta get my life in order :P Social and school.

To yous who like to read my posts. Thanks guys. :D If you want talk add me on msn, I'm on pretty much all the time.


Cya then.


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2009-06-03 21:01:23

Crack that wip......


2009-06-05 12:48:21

School sucks. Incase you didn't notice, my catch phrase is, "I BLAME IT ON EDUCATION!!!" My school is out, so now I don't have anything to blame stuff on besides my sister, but she burned my "Blame My Sister" Shirt.


2009-07-13 21:42:44

Well, where I live, school is OUT!

Well, do well.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

just came back to school from holidays this week.. holidays go way too fast T_T