Happy NY & My Birthday

2010-01-05 00:56:27 by Dj-Brand0

Today's my birthday, im turning 17 which is pretty madd nearly 18 and a free man. so far had an alright day but yeah also HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, it's a bit late but its better late than never.

also submitted a new song/clip whatever called Humanoid [Hardstyle] it's something new from me, not sure if it'll ever get finished but at the least it's something new from me.

Everyone have a great year and a new generation.

Cheers Brando

Happy NY & My Birthday


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2010-01-05 14:36:02

WOW Brand0's Birthday! Happy Happy Birthday, and may this year be the Brand0 year :) Don't worry for me it is already a Brand0 year :D
and it is almost "The Beginning" 's birthday too :):):)

Hope it's gona be gr8 being 17 :)

Gona be awesome having another year with your music


2010-02-04 22:33:06

happy birtrhday, man.


2010-03-05 21:49:44

Great! Happy Birthday!

Dj-Brand0 responds:

lol thanks. 3 months late but hey, no problem


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