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ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Mate this is fantastic, just love it. Very much instantly up with your Chaoz Fantasy and up on the newgrounds charts :D

Keep up the good work!



Random Hardstyle Melody Random Hardstyle Melody

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice man, sounds much better here than on msn.

Sick style. Keep it up!


-Cheers Brando

{Dj-L} Jump Hard {Dj-L} Jump Hard

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey man.

Good stuff. I don't generally listen and make jumpstyle but this isn't too hardcore anyway. There's a few too many minor notes here but that's fine, it's just like your style.

Keep up the good work, havn't got much here in this review. Just a quick one because I don't have much time and I realized this one doesn't have my contribution :)

Keep it up!


-Cheers Brando

Meonly70 responds:

Thanks man, I have listened to this song so many times, I don't think I would ever be able to change the notes.

Tranced Conjugate Tranced Conjugate

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


You've got a good calming trance tune here. By the sounds of it you don't have sample packs but this is great for fl presets.

Keep working on it, this will only get better. Try using more FX to strengthen the main lead at 2:25 and add some reverb and delay on some of the percussion.

You've payed a lot of attention to detail here and that's great. That's what matters. My songs don't have a hell of a lot of detail because what I make is too much for my comp to handle so detail is hard to add. Well small details of course.

But still good work, this is a good song, has potential.

Just keep working on it.


-Cheers Brando

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Fight4nothing responds:

Best review ive ha din a while haha. Appreciate it.

test tune 2 test tune 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Pretty calming tune. The strong synths and guitar pads work well. I was hoping for more of a progress to a melody but nothing really happened.

At 2:23 you brought in a slight high pad chord and I was thinking that you would bring in a harder synth with a more complex progressed melody. I guess this needs more work. It's a good melody you have it, just needs more detail on the structure.

Keep it up!


-Cheers Brando

omacron6 responds:

ya, it still needs alot of work.
thanx for the tips and feedback

Battle 2 the end(Z-Tone remix) Battle 2 the end(Z-Tone remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice and epic! :D

Really nice epic intro. Great orchestral use. Love the bells leading up to the melody, they're so.. soft but cool :D :P Same goes with the lead it's so.. clear and unique.

The melody's awesome but I think the bass note is wrong at 1:49. I know you intended it to be a long hit base but I don't think it sounds right. The wrong baseline starts on that note for the rest of the melody but I think it should be changed so that it hits the right note. I don't know what you think but it's just my opinion and first thought.

Really good drum use and the beats are nice.
Lol the 8 bit at the end, awesome. Didn't notice it before. Really nice.

Keep up the good work.


-Cheers Brando

--Would be even better extended.

Z-Tone responds:

thanks dude yeah that bell is a definite score i think
its that extra something
and the bass note could be wrong i have to check
thanks for a great review
and yeah i will keep on extending it and so on

btw you where right the bass was off i fixed it

{Dj-L} Inspiration {Dj-L} Inspiration

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Alright here's my review. Sorry I missed out before but yeah anyway.

Love the melody, it's damn nice and catchy. The leads also pretty nice too :D

There's a fair bit I can go through with this song. First of all I love the piano into, it's good :D But I think the kick should come in later at 0:13 and not the same kick as the melody go for a breakbeat sequence, not the 4/4 so you get more of an introduction. If you want, I'll show you what I mean on msn.

Have the breakbeat up to 0:28 where you that nice scratch effect.

Up to where the melody starts to jump in i think you should do some fading on those long notes so it sounds like it doesn't get cut off as it breaks.

Fade those long notes in each time and I reckon it would sound awesome. Again I'll show you what I mean on msn.

Love the melody. Just keep the piano goin through 1:46-1:59, (A tip don't cut sounds out sharply. Give everything some type of introduction and outro.. fade out/fade in, it keeps the song flowing properly and evenly.)

At 1:59 I think you should have a melody fade-out for 8 bars, say the first 4 bars and then introduce the piano in the second 4 bars. Then bring in the piano break tune of 2:12. And maybe fade in that melody after and add the same type of baseline at the main melody. (That saw)

Maybe increase the volume of the hi hats etc and tone down the claps a bit.

Hope this really helps. Will talk to you later.

Keep it up!


-Cheers Brando

PS: Pretty long review. :D

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Meonly70 responds:

The beginning kick isn't the same as the one during the melody, similar, but softer. I'll love to see what you mean for the breakbeat sequence.

Yeah, your right, it would be a great idea to fade on the long notes, why hadn't I thought of that earlier....

I didn't want to over-repeat the piano so I cut it out through 1:46-1:59, but I guess it would be better if it stayed.

The Melody fade out would make it sound a little cliche. I don't like fading things in and out too much on one song, but some fit better than others, thanks for the tip.

The Hihats and claps may just need to be balanced, I think their in the wrong FX Channel O.o

I got a few things to try with this .flp now. Thanks, talk to you later man :)

V|V - I Am Evolving V|V - I Am Evolving

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice work!

Hey :D I'm here reviewing your song.

Alright here goes. The quality of this song is great. It's a great mix. It doesn't drag on at any point any is very unique. You have a good use of effects and FX. You used heaps of different instruments so you just hit the wide range here. :D It's great progressive trance, you gave it the real feel. Kind of like a live-set but more detailed. Just a few things that are out of the ordinary but hey that's your style and it works so yeah. Nothing wrong with that.

Good work. It's... not quite my preferred genre in this section of techno but its close. I'm beginning to listen to it, I'm not saying the genre's bad its just i need to hear more of it. I need to listen to this song with more sub, I can't seem to hear it properly.

Also like the guy below me said, you used the weird sounds to your advantage and it worked. So that's great.

Good work, keep it up!


-Cheers Brando

Tvvist responds:

Thank you for the awesome review!

Im glad that my music is beginning to have a unique style to it! Feels good man

WIll definitely try and develop my method of music production!

And progressive trance is REAL trance. I stick to that. It's all about the underground music to counter the stupid commercial popular shit.


~ElpH~ Pulser (demo) ~ElpH~ Pulser (demo)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really nice.

Your style's great and unique. I personally like the 2nd melody more than the first. It seems to have more movement in it and i feel that that one could get further.

But both of them are great and they have lots of potential :D

For the second you're going great, I think you'd be able to develop that into a piano breakdown with a fadeout and bringing it back in like did at the beginning. I reckon that would sound really awesome :D

Also a harder kick, just layer a harder punchier club kick over the one you have now so it stands out more, then it should be great :D

Keep it up!


-Cheers Brando

-={DJ-PHX}=- Fiery Apocalypse -={DJ-PHX}=- Fiery Apocalypse

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice, I like the fast tempo, it really gets you moving. The melody is nice, really dancy. The leads also pretty good. Though yeah you can improve this more. There's just problems with the bass cutting out during the effects and such.

At 1:55 the baseline stops for the outro and then it comes back in. It kind of sounds bad. And the baseline at the end isn't on the right note. I know it's just a few lazy pattern samples, i do it all the time. Easy fix.

Late night music making :D


Keep it up!

-Cheers Brando

unrealdark responds:

Hmm yeah noticed the bass problem just now lol, I just got horible headphones. :D
I'll fix it same as the pointer at 1:55. Anyways I think the bass is on the right note though at the end only it might be a little drowned out by the other sounds. I'll mix it better. I hope I can finish this one soon lol. ^^