2009-02-09 08:46:29 by Dj-Brand0

Hey everyone who reads my posts :D

I have to start focusing on school now, mainly because I'm starting my last two years and they mean heaps so I probably won't be making stuff as often as I usually do. I will sometimes jump on fl when I'm bored but besides that I'm gonna have to.... yeah you know.

Probably also better cut down coz like, I gotta get to know the workload so I can figure out when to slack off etc. :D Well then.
If you wanna chat, add my msn. or check out my myspace.

Or just chuck me a pm the usual way :D

Just to say this, I'm doing a multimedia course and it involves flash so I'll have some submissions for the flash portal in some time. At the moment we're designing characters and stuff. I've come up with a few that I'll eventually animate. So yeah, that's something to look forward to :D

Alright I'm out. Cya.

** Here's a post you can surely comment on **

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** 750 homes destroyed/ 171 confirmed dead. ** 10/2/09

Some of my families homes had near misses. Luckily none of them were hurt. But I have some friends who have lost many rellies =\
May the bushfire victims Rest in Peace and everyone's heart is out to the people who lost their homes in the fires.


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2009-02-09 10:47:34

added ur msn Cya around

Dj-Brand0 responds:



2009-02-09 12:19:10

Yeah I heard about that on the news.

Mentalism, isn't it?

I'm sat over here in Northern Ireland, coated in snow, and you're dying of heat.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Ah yeah. well hear this.. Queensland in the north. They are under about 1-2 meters of water with crocs swimming around the streets and we're burning.. Now that's mental.


2009-02-10 07:13:16

<3 your music.


Cya one day maybe :3

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Yea, lol. Got ne vids?