New song! My best ever!

2009-01-11 21:52:26 by Dj-Brand0

For a while now I've been working on a new song. It was inspired by Im Sorry by my friend Yelltek.
I would say it had to be my best ever. I'll be uploading it today. But it's not finished. While I was exporting fl shut down on me, so I have to redo parts of it. But yeah.

Actually I'm not going to upload it, until I finish it. Just to surprise you all :D :P rofl.

-Cheers Brando


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2009-01-12 16:00:56

You did a perfect job once again mate, props for that! ;D
And I am sorry I couldn't congratulate you on your birthday... :'(
I was on some kind of field trip in Holland for school. But that doesn't matter, I still want to congratulate you so, CONGRATULATIONS!! HAPPY *to late* B-DAY! :D:D
I hope you sure did got something nice. I might can give you a gift as well?
Just tell me what game you like to play, and I can but it on steam. :)
Anyways, cheers mate have a wonderfull year! you're only 16 once. ;)

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks! Ian. I had a pretty good bday. It's alright, it doesn't matter you don't have to give me a pressie

lol. Hmmmmm.. thats so true.

Thanks man. ;D