2008-10-27 00:51:20 by Dj-Brand0

Ey =]

Have started making Hardstyle/Nu style now, properly. I've just decided to finish off my version of Orochimaru's Theme. Finding some inspiration, here and there. I've read all the reviews, thx, and now im convinced I should really finish it ;) Also I've got a video on youtube, it's my feeling trance song, it's nothing special really but yea you can check it out if you want ;) wink wink. jv4

My to do list :D
Orochimaru's Theme hardstyle (to finish)
Start revising for exams
Work on some Nu style songs
Anddd... yea.. list goes on for a bit ;)

Latest Songs:
Hard Soundz
Don't Get Back (Remix)
Feeling Trance [Final]

Rate and Review, I do my best to reply to all my reviews. Thanks =D



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2008-10-31 19:53:03

your music fuckin kicks assholes

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks omaga :D


2008-11-08 16:10:32

omg omagas totally rite

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thankssss memea :D

I might have one or two new songs up in the next week, I have a music exam for school and I'm making a song for it. It's most likely going to be orchestral trance/clasical although at the moment I'm working on a new hardstyle piece.