Planning on making a Paradise on E remix. It will be good.

2008-07-18 12:25:46 by Dj-Brand0

Lately I've noticed heaps of remixes of B0UNC3's song Paradise on E. That song I absolutely loved when I first found out Newgrounds. I was hooked to listening B0UNC3 and Xstormer1's songs. So now I want to make my own remix of Paradise on E. So far it sounds great, I have the notes in order, they sound just right and I altered the tune slightly to make it part of my own. I've shown my friends and school and they love it. I need to figure out how I'm going to set the song out, there's no point making it a replica of the original. Also on my list of things to do, I need to finish Orochimaru's Hardstyle. Yep, when I feel like doing some FL I'll try get some songs done.

My to do list :D

Orochimaru's Hardstyle
Paradise on E Remix
A Remake of an Old Tune Everyone Loves.
Aaand other stuff

Latest Songs:
Feeling Trance [Final]
Orochimaru's Hardstyle

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