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Hello :D

2008-05-23 11:58:32 by Dj-Brand0

Hi there, finally created an account for my name. As you may know if you have read my little intro below my profile picture which I haven't created yet I am Brandon, I'm 15 years old and I live in Australia =D Been doing FL for about a year, on and off and I think I'm not too bad at it. I don't plan to be a DJ in the future but it sure is fun to create your own music.

I'm also a gun at Flash but I'm always too lazy to submit anything that I make because I think it's not good enough, even though I put effort into it =\ . I'm a gamer, love to play games =D. Only game I'm playing at the moment is Sword of the New World, this MMORPG, fairly new and not too bad.

One of my friends, Aleks (DJ-Radman) (http://dj-radman.newgrounds.com/) is very good at FL you should check his music out. You must comment on his songs to make him submit more. He'kind of like me, never thinks it's good enough. He's very good =) We started FL at about the same time and have been teaching each other stuff from there on. Also check out my other friend, Arif (DJ-Rif) (http://dj-rf.newgrounds.com/). He's also pretty good. I think Radman and Rif should collab =D make a very good song. Hmm okay, better start making my page all graphical =D.

I'll send my latest song first, I can't at the moment because I'm capped. It's a remix of Sound of my Dream by C-Bool. I think I perfected it.

Bye for now, (thats if anyone actually reads this =S)
Laterz + thx for reading this long, first post.

New Songs!!
C-Bool - Sound of my Dream (Brand0 Rmx)

Rate & Review thx


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2008-05-23 12:31:15

Welcom to this shit hole of a site.

(Updated ) Dj-Brand0 responds:

lol Eario, it's not a bad site, I've actually been here for like 2 or so years. The flash side of newgrounds is going downhill but the music here isn't too bad. I Have another account I use to up my friend's scores for their songs =) thanks anyway. Like my header/profile pics btw? :D


2008-05-23 13:18:12

its a bad site i agree with EARIO


2008-05-23 13:18:51

well not entirely i guess its ok wait what we talkin about lol

(Updated ) Dj-Brand0 responds:

It's alright but it used to be way better, most of the pro's at flash have left and all the noobs have arrived. Also I reckon the top best scoring list in the audio portal is so dumb. You can vote a high 5 on your first vote and get somewhere high with no effort. Sucks because there are lots of good songs in newgrounds just covered by all the other stuff that gets uploaded here.


2008-05-25 01:31:39

You've got a good flash goin there, however, you should rename it so it only /sounds/ like Fruity Loops Studio, as you don't want to get in any copyright trouble. Also try changing the interface's skin, but nothing too fancy. Some of us actually skim the blogs regularly, which really makes the Newgrounds community what it is.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Haha thanks ;) I've had a few comments about the copy write issue. I will change the name to maybe 'FL on Flash'? I mean it's still Fruity Loops but not mentioning the name just an abbreviation.
I have a song coming through, it has to go through that 2 day thing, maybe you'll like it :D
Alright laterz